This plugin is available only to Departmental Publishing users.


  • Add custom lists of UNC faculty, staff, or students to any page or post on your site


  • Syncs with Active Directory once each night to update official UNC personnel information
  • Allows use of groups or individual onyen listings
  • Creates directory post type for each individual so that each person has unique URL

Basic steps

  1. To list all affiliated people in a department, use Directory > Divisions to create a division name and enter the department’s six-digit chartfield string (look up number under Department section); optionally you can list onyens too, or combine department codes and onyens.
  2. Click Preview button to show results before building the directory.
  3. Click Sync Directory button to add posts for your list of onyens. Click Update button.
  4. In the location you want the directory to appear, add shortcode to the page using the following syntax:
    1. [upd_people_group divisions="slug1, slug2" onyens="onyen1, onyen2, onyen3"][/upd_people_group]
    2. Listing onyens in the shortcode above is a manual option for fetching those people outside the division setting

Advanced settings

  1. Posts will be generated upon syncing with AD. New entries are saved as Draft by default, but Under Directory > Admin Settings, you can choose Publish New Entries to make new posts live upon creation.
  2. You can manually create a new page for each person using New Directory Entry. Edit as needed to override the official UNC Directory details.
  3. To alter the layout of each Directory post (full-width, right sidebar, etc.), use Appearance > Layout > Directory Entry and select the desired style.
  4. Use Custom CSS to target directory classes and modify the look of your posts.