• Add custom slideshows and carousels to any page or post on your site


  • Allows use of photos, videos (local, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia), and HTML slides
  • Several add-ons that can be activated/deactivated as needed. A few examples: Instagram, Pinterest, schedule, lightbox

Basic steps

  1. Add new slider and give it a title
  2. Add photos to your new slider using your Media Library or drag and drop
  3. Reorder images as needed using drag and drop
  4. Edit each slide’s metadata (such as alt text, hyperlink, and caption) by clicking i in blue circle 
  5. Adjust slider settings (under Config tab). Here, you can adjust the size; enable autostart; randomize; loop; position the caption top, left or right; and more
  6. Customize slider with CSS (optional)
  7. Publish your slider by clicking on the Publish button
  8. Insert slider in your post by clicking Add Slider button and choosing its name. You can also insert each with its shortcode , which is shown in the plugin’s home screen.

Tweaking caption text

  1. Remove the default caption transparent background (or change the color)
  2. Customize the caption using CSS
  3. Vertically center the caption