• Create events and display as calendar or individual event posts


  • Many ways to display your calendar
  • Create templates to save settings to meet your needs

Basic steps

  1. Activate the plugin.
  2. From the left-hand sidebar in the admin view, select Events and then Add New. This will give you an editor just like other post types.
  3. Add an event title and in the main edit area add a description of the event. Scroll down to see all the details available to display for the event (date and time, location, admission price, etc.) and select as many or as few as you like. Remember to check categories and tags too.
  4. Publish the event by clicking the Publish button.


  1. Choose Settings from the left admin panel. Note the tabs for General, Display, and Help.
  2. General settings include options such as show comments, enable Google Maps, timezones, and a field to change the URL slug, which is the directory that is created for your events. The default slug is yoursite.web.unc.edu/events/.
  3. Display settings allow you to choose a page template to control the appearance of your calendar and event content. Advanced template settings area lets you add custom HTML before or after every event.