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What we’re doing:

Between March 21 and March 25 we will migrate all WordPress website(s) hosted on to a cloud environment. This migration should be seamless to your website visitors.

Is my website affected

To verify if your website is affected by this migration, you will see a large notice that says “Upcoming Migration” in your website dashboard when logged in.

How this affects you:

We ask that you do not update your website between March 21 and March 25 because any updated content will not migrate. If you need to update your website during this migration window, you may need to reenter the new content once the migration is complete.

Important information about Web Forms

If you use a form on your site, it is critical that you deactivate them during the migration window. If you do not deactivate the forms, any entries made during the migration will not carry over to the migrated platform. We also strongly encourage you to download your entries prior to migration as an added precaution. Find out how to deactivate your forms and how to download your form entries.

Benefits of this move:

This new cloud-based network is fast and reliable. You should notice an increase in speed when visiting your website.

Why Now?

ITS hosts 400+ websites on the WordPress network. We realize there is never an ideal time for this migration. This migration was scheduled in partnership with School of Medicine IT to minimize the impact as much as possible. We appreciate your patience.

Have questions or concerns?

Feel free to reach out to SOM IT Web Services at