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What we’re doing:

Every spring, we identify inactive websites on our network. We reach out to those site owners and ask them to claim their website if it is still needed.

Is my website affected

If you have not updated your website in more than one year, you will receive a notification. You will also see a big red deletion message about the deletion in your website’s admin dashboard.

How do I keep my website?

If you want to keep your website, log in to the website’s admin dashboard using your Onyen credentials (i.e. https://yoursiteurl/wp-admin/). You should click the “Cancel Deletion” button in the big red deletion message at the top. If you received an email notification but do not see the message, another website admin may have already claimed the website. If you do not see a dashboard notification, your website is no longer scheduled to be deleted and no action is needed.
deletion notification

Why we are doing this

  • UNC-Chapel Hill has a massive digital footprint. Websites hosted on and represent the University and those affiliated with it. As stewards of the University, we must consider the accuracy and accessibility of our web content. These WordPress networks are not archives. We do not want to host outdated, incorrect, and inaccessible information.
  • Many of these site owners have since left the University.

Have questions or concerns?

Submit a request to the WordPress Hosting Team.